Weekly Courses for Adults

Our adult courses cater for musicians of all ages and abilities wishing to play as members of a band. Whilst there is extensive guidance throughout and an accommodation for a wide range of instruments, the emphasis is on a stimulating, creative atmosphere at all times.

Have you toiled endlessly over the same few songs, or learned classical guitar whilst secretly harbouring an ambition to rock out? Maybe you previously played in a band and seek to recapture the thrill? Whatever your background or motivation, Rock & Roll Recruits can offer a unique vision for musical tuition, with the ultimate outcome of working towards your own gig!

You will have the opportunity to perform at the renowned venue, The Half Moon, in Putney. The gig itself is an occasion to celebrate the musicianship you and your bandmates will have gained from the course. The rehearsals also offer a great opportunity to take time out from your day-to-day life, develop your skills and socialise with other, like-minded, players.

All the tuition is from professional musicians, who not only have the academic background to teach, but also extensive experience as working musicians so as to guide you through your journey into becoming a fully-fledged Rock & Roll Recruit!

The setting

The Powerstation
121a Mortlake High Street
SW14 8SN

Note: The gigging and rehearsal venues can be subject to change for nearby venues, due to occasional availability issues – please check before you book.