Bespoke Corporate Events

Team Building Through A Live Music Experience

Musical expression is for everyone. If you’re looking for ways to improve connectivity within your organisation then why not unlock your team potential for creative thinking and goal sharing and enlist them as Rock and Roll Recruits!

“You just pick a chord, go twang and you’ve got music.” – Sid Vicious

Whether you’re looking for a challenging and creative team building exercise or just a memorable and fun day with a difference, here at Rock and Roll Recruits we can offer a package tailored to your needs to bring the rewards of an unforgettable and bonding live music experience.

“Rock & Roll Recruits helped us at a team building event for 50+ people. Despite the initial reluctance around singing and playing, their team gave everyone the confidence and encouragement to work together in our ‘bands’, and have fun!

They were amazing! We felt lucky to be in a professional studio for our event which made us feel like real artists! If you’re looking to bring a team together this would be the perfect event to do something different.” – John Maley, Business Manager, Corporate Affairs Team, O2

“Are you experienced?” sang Jimi Hendrix. Well don’t worry, with Rock and Roll Recruits you can be too! Our tutors are all full-time, professional musicians and as experienced teachers they are ideally suited to bring out the best in all temperaments and skill levels.

“We invited the team to help demonstrate to the leaders in our business the importance of how, by working together, you can deliver effective and impressive results even if it may take you out of your comfort zone.

Team Rock & Roll Recruits were able to bring focus, encouragement, and fun to the day. It renewed the energy, got people talking to people they didn’t know and drove confidence up. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event.” – Nicola Green, Director of Corporate Affairs, O2

What do we provide? A distinctive bespoke musical event, with all necessary equipment and instruments. Your team can experience shorter activities, at 2-4 hours, through to full day events.