Holiday Boot Camps 8 – 18

Since 2013, the Rock & Roll Recruits has been running holiday music camps. We now operate every school holiday including Christmas.

Our camps offer a great opportunity to meet new friends and have an authentic experience of playing in a band. Our courses promote accelerated learning, build confidence and inspire children to play more music at all ability levels. We cater for all instruments and ability levels.

Over the course of the week we will be working towards performing at concert held for friends, family and the public. A perfect place to come down for some food and a drink and enjoy watching the kids show you what they have learned!

Students will learn how to take any training they have, formal or not, and use it in a band situation. The songs will help educate them in reading chord charts, ear training and technical ability. We also aim to help with improvisational skills, confidence building and general musicianship.

We have four overlapping age groups to help match the students with the age group they are most comfortable in.

We run groups for 8-11, 11-13, 13-16, 15-18 year old groups, subject to demand.

Some students may be more at home playing from sheet music or by ear; some may be more comfortable with spontaneous jamming. It will gently encourage them to come out of their comfort zone under our guidance. It is not necessary to have any formal qualifications.

  • Four day course for musical youngsters open every school holiday
  • Four different age groups
  • Almost all instruments and ability levels welcome
  • Expert tuition from professional musicians
  • Public performance at the end of every course
  • All tutors hold DBS certificates


The Ark Putney Academy
Hayward Gardens
SW15 3DG

CHRISTMAS CAMP (located in Barnes)
17th – 20th DECEMBER 2018

18th – 21st FEBRUARY 2019


Bishop Thomas Grant School
Belltrees Grove
SW16 2HY


18th – 21st FEBRUARY 2019

*Venues are subject to change to nearby venue, due to occasional availability issues – please check before you book